It’s Evander!!

The lil blue space potato cat designed by bjornsblog for importerrobinson and mat-zo-official's Easy music video, now in squishy-soft form! He’s made from super duper soft ultra cuddle fleece (hence why his palette is a bit dark… oops) and is roughly 26” long from his nose to the tip of his tail.

When I saw Evander, I knew I had to make him for the next time I saw Porter, but because my fall break ends today, I’m having Zoe and da gang bring Evander instead.

Also, I doubt anyone would do it, but if you do see Evander at the 9:30 Club tomorrow (10/13), please don’t try and take/steal him even if he’s briefly unsupervised for some weird reason. I made him for Porter as a present, and not for anyone else!